Who We Are

ATIDE is a social enterprise aimed at empowering Nigerian ideas for social good.

Our mission is to create an avenue for people to give back to Nigeria by experiencing it - through its entrepreneurs, talents and rich culture.

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Every year, we partner with select Nigerian entrepreneurs & creatives who dedicate a portion of their sales to one social cause. Our goal this year is to enhance education 1,000 for public school students by 2019. So far, our first 3 entrepreneurs have helped 538 children.

By Nigerians, With Nigerians, For Nigeria.

By supporting Nigerian ideas in a way that also makes positive strides for the next generation, we hope to: have an impact on the mindset of the people, facilitate a more positive and affirming narrative about our country; and contribute to Nigeria’s economic progress in the long run. 

ATIDE’s vision is for us to share, care and excel together. And that vision has never been more important than now.

Join us in showing the world that indeed, we are here. 

Joshua Ahazie, Founder & CEO.