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ATIDE Big Give, 2018

The children are our future — we need to equip them with the right environment and tools to transform themselves, their communities and ultimately the world.

What is the Big Give?

Every year, ATIDE’s Social Impact Team develops the “Big Give”; our company CSR which is funded by a portion of all sales and donations on our website. Between September 29th and the first week of October, we were able to completely renovate and provide learning resources for 2 schools in Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria. We helped a total of 538 students. See how it happened!


VOlunteer Meet

Good People + Good Music = Good Time. The Big Give started with an intimate session with our team & volunteers at the Jazzhole, Ikoyi.

Icebreakers, laughs, and round table discussions about the importance of what will happen in the following days.


DAY 1: clean out& Bagging

We cleaned out a block of classrooms, and bagged over 538 packs of supplies that would be gifted to the students the following week. Due to funding restrictions, one of the blocks of classroom had been abandoned for almost 12 years - we brought it back to life in 3 days.

Thanks to all our amazing customers & donors we were also able to give over 2300 notebooks and other learning materials to the schools students. This will go a long way in ensuring the students are equipped to do better in their academic work.

Video — “Bagging”


DAY 2: Painting

Painting…is a lot harder than it may initially seem! For the second day of the Big Give, our volunteers had to quickly learn and proceed to transform a whole block of classrooms with bright colors before the Big Reveal.

Mum & Son
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Big Give 2018: Completion Report

Your generosity has helped provide life’s most basic need to children in Bariga, Lagos Nigeria. Now see the impact of your contribution.

Questions? Comments?

We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and a team member will get back to you shortly.

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